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Frequently Asked Questions

Where are you located?

In the heart of downtown Carlisle. For now, we are meeting at Georgie Lou's Retro Candy 56 W. High St. Carlisle, Pa 17013

Is this TimeWalker Tours?

No. However, this is Jennifer, who created and ran TimeWalker Tours. TimeWalker was forced to close in 2020.

What happens if it rains?

We hold tours in light rain. However, in the case of heavy rain, thunder, or lightning, tours will be cancelled. You will be given the option to reschedule or receive a refund.

Are your Ghost Tours scary?

Depends on your idea of scary. We will be sharing the history of locations throughout the town as well as the tales of hauntings experienced therein. While they can be unsettling and spooky, this is not a "scare your pants off" tour. If you are fortunate (or unfortunate) enough to see one of Carlisle's ghosts, that will certainly raise the scary factor.

Are your Ghost Tours suitable for children?

Again, this depends on your idea about what is suitable for children. The tours will include adult themes such as murder, hangings and so on.

Is food and beverage included on the brewery tour?


Do you offer private tours?

Yes! Please email Jennifer for more info!

Where do you get your info?

I have done extensive research for all of the tours. Ghosts, breweries, puzzles and holidays are terrific fun, but I started this business to share Carlisle's amazing history. For me, getting the history right was the most important thing. I have spent countless hours poring over historical letters, maps, documents and newspapers. I have researched at the historical society, local libraries, genealogical sites and bookstores. I have interviewed longtime residents, shop owners and professors. Digging through Carlisle's past has been great fun and I am proud and excited to share my knowledge with you.

Are you affiliated the Cumberland County Historical Society?

No. However, the historical society is a fantastic research resource that I have used and I encourage you to check them out!

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