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Who is the TimeKeeper?



Carlisle Resident: 14 Years

History Buff/Researcher

Me! I'm the TimeKeeper, and now, so are you! I might look familiar, you've probably seen me around. I love Carlisle, and because of that love I'm very involved in the community. Perhaps you recognize me from my work as Secretary of Destination Carlisle. Maybe you've seen me out and about with my camera taking photos of the downtown and surrounding areas for postcards. It's possible you remember me as Mrs. Claus from a local children's story time. However, the most likely reason my face seems familiar is from my time with TimeWalker Tours. In 2018 I brought ghost tours to Carlisle by starting TimeWalker Tours. it was the realization of a decade-long dream I had of owning a business in town and really becoming a part of the community I love so much. Anytime I visit a town with ghost tours, I make sure to take one. In my opinion, it is a great way to learn about the smaller history of a town and have some spooky fun. I decided that Carlisle should be sharing their smaller history, too, and so my business began. Finally I had an outlet to share the remarkable stories of Carlisle's past that I had been collecting for years, and in the years since I haven't stopped researching or collecting. My research grew my tour offerings from ghost tours to brewery tours to general history tours and more! Becoming a merchant of downtown also helped me to build wonderful relationships with fellow business owners. Truly, my time running TimeWalker had a profound impact on my life. Unfortunately, 2020 brought COVID. I decided to prioritize the safety of my family and my community. I thought TimeWalker would weather the storm, but a rogue wave proved that to be impossible. My business was forced to close. It was devastating. However, with the support of family and those wonderful business relationships (turned friendships) I mentioned earlier, I am ready to start again! 

Come on a tour and I'll tell you all about why Carlisle is so special!

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