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Graveyard Tour

Tour Details

*First and foremost, Respect! Please remember, this is an actual graveyard where real people with families have been laid to rest. 

*Price: $12 per person

*The terrain in the graveyard is uneven, all grass, and can be difficult to navigate due to groundhog holes and hidden stones and rocks. Please use caution.

*Wear appropriate footwear

*This tour meets at the gate to the Old Graveyard on E. South St.

*There are no public bathrooms available on this tour.

*Tour is around 75-90 minutes long.

Carlisle's Old Graveyard is tucked away in the heart of downtown and holds some of Carlisle's most revered citizens and history within its stone walls. On this tour we will visit the resting places of some of those citizens, explore the history of the iconography on the stones, and hear of lost traditions and legends that surround this hallowed ground.

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