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Culper Spy Tour

There is a local legend of a hidden treasure, do you have the skills to find it?

Embark on a journey throughout historic Carlisle to solve this mystery. You will be deciphering clues found in old documents, searching for symbols on historic buildings, eavesdropping on rival treasure hunters and more in your quest to discover the truth.

This is an exciting and fun way to learn some fascinating history of Carlisle and see the sights of downtown. You will be provided with instructions and your first clue and then you're off on your own. You can explore and decipher at your own pace or compete against your friends.

This tour has been meticulously researched. All characters are actual historical figures with connections to Carlisle and the main themes for the story lines are all based in fact. Any liberties we have taken to create this adventure were done with the strict parameter that they had to be plausible.

Coming Soon
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